About Us

The North Carolina Society of Fire Rescue Instructors

The purpose of the North Carolina Society of Fire Rescue Instructors is the evaluation and promotion of better emergency Fire Rescue protection practices, the preparation of emergency personnel as thoroughly as possible, to provide accepted standards of safety, and, when possible, provide through training programs opportunities for all emergency protection personnel to develop a better understanding and ability in fire protection/rescue in all its branches.

Our Mission

Our goal is, "To Provide a Unified Voice that Represents the Fire/Rescue Instructor Statewide."

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We can be reached here:

North Carolina Society Of Fire Rescue Instructors
Jimmy L. Barrow, Executive Director
3720 Old Flat Rock Road
Kernersville, NC. 27284
336-309-6900 cell
336-595-1520 fax
E-mail: membership @ ncsfri (dot) org

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