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Including a new content Addendum to meet the 2013 NFPA Standards 1001 and 472, Fire Engineering's Handbook for Firefighters I & II goes the extra distance with boots-on-the-ground knowledge and techniques for safer, smarter firefighting.

Fire Engineering technical editor, Glenn Corbett assembled a team of the best-know fire service authors and instructors to write on their areas of expertise. Their combined experience gives both prospective and active firefighters a solid and practical foundation for fire training.

The sturdy wire-bound Skill Drills book, plus the 2013 Skills Addendum, provides step-by-step pictorial guidance for 364 skills for FFI, FF2, and hazmat.

Features and Benefits

  • With 2013 Addendum, covers all JPRs for NFPA 1001 and related NFPA 472 Standards (FEHAD-03)
  • Includes unique skills and techniques tested and perfected on the job by Fire Engineeringauthors and instructors
  • Separate sections for Firefighter I & II
  • Durable hardcover binding
  • Includes spiral-bound, full-color Skill Drills book
  • Student resource CD including insightful interviews with chapter authors, glossary of key terms, and more
  • Free 6-month digital subscription to Fire Engineering magazine with purchase of eachHandbook

2013 Addendum Includes

  • Student package: JPR supplement and new hazmat and ICS chapters on disk (included in book)
  • Instructor package: JPR supplement, plus updated Instructor Guide and Instructor PowerPoint®

Table of Contents

Section 1: Firefighter I

  1. The Traditions and Mission of the Fire Service, Rick Lasky
  2. Fire Service History, Don Cannon
  3. Fire Department Organization, John Best
  4. Fire Department Communications, Alan Young
  5. Fire Behavior, Jerry Naylis
  6. Fire Extinguishers, Jack Miller
  7. Building Construction, Paul Dansbach
  8. Ropes and Knots, Mark Sulcov
  9. Personal Protective Equipment, Tim Pillsworth
  10. Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus, Phil Jose, Mike Gagliano, Casey Phillips, and Steve Bernocco
  11. Firefighting Basic Tools, Rick Fritz
  12. Forcible Entry, Dan Sheridan
  13. Ladders, Mike Ciampo
  14. Ventilation, John Mittendorf
  15. Water Supply and Hose, Dennis LeGear
  16. Fire Streams, Jay Comella
  17. Firefighter Safety and Survival, Anthony Avillo, Frank Ricci, and John Woron
  18. Vehicle Fires, Doug Leihbacher
  19. Search and Rescue, Mike Nasta
  20. Basic Fire Attack, Jerry Knapp
  21. Salvage and Overhaul, Jeff Shupe
  22. Chemistry of Hazardous Materials, Frank Fire
  23. Planning the Hazmat/WMD Response, Christine Wagner
  24. Hazmat Storage and Transportation, Ron Kanterman
  25. Implementing the Hazmat/WMD Response, Steve DeLisi
  26. EMS in the Fire Service, Victor Stagnaro

Section 2: Firefighter II

  1. The Incident Command System, Alan Brunacini
  2. Advanced Communications, Charles Jennings
  3. Pre-incident Planning, Jack Murphy
  4. Fire Protection Systems, Bob Till
  5. Advanced Fire Attack, Chris Flatley
  6. Origin and Cause Investigation, Rich Wolfson
  7. Fire Prevention and Public Education, Tom Kiurski
  8. Vehicle Extrication, Dave Dalrymple
  9. Support of Technical Rescue Teams, Larry Collins
  10. Index

Included with the purchase of the Handbook isFire Engineering's Skill Drills for Firefighter I and II, a sturdy wire-bound book, and a Student Resource Disk, containing author interviews and a glossary of key terms.

1,200 Pages/Hardcover/8-1/2x11

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