VFIS Instructor Insurance Policy

North Carolina Society of Fire Rescue Instructors

Insurance Benefits Summary

Instructors Errors & Omissions Coverage


The NCSFRI, in conjunction with VFIS of North Carolina, will provide Errors & Omissions coverage

for your activities as a fire, rescue or ems instructor.


The policy provides coverage in the amount of $1,000,000 each occurrence and $10,000,000 aggregate.


Policy effective date 4/15/18. 


Protects and defends you for those incidents where someone might claim they were injured or incurred property damage as a result of your actions or failure to act.  An example:  The insurer of a large building files a liability claim against a local fire chief for failure to order correct fire suppression techniques which they claim resulted in the complete loss of the building.  The fire chief sues an instructor who he claims improperly instructed he and his personnel.  Our coverage will defend the instructor and pay on his behalf if the claim results in a judgement or settlement, up to the limits of the policy.


This program is available only to current members of NCSFRI.  You must enroll online. If you have questions, please contact VFIS of North Carolina @ 1-800-726-1228.

If you have not been registered with our online system (paid by check for membership) please visit the contact us page and select IT problems so we can get you your account information to sign up.

If you are a current member (have a user name and password) please click HERE to login and signup for the VFIS insurance coverage. Once you login it will take you to the members only home page which has a link for the coverage.

If you are not a member and would like to signup for both NCSFRI and VFIS membership please click HERE.