This study guide brings the lessons learned inFireground Size-Up to life. Authors Michael A. Terpak and Paul T. Dansbach use a variety of photos to illustrate lessons, allowing the student to "size up" the structure or conditions depicted and answer questions based on their observation of the photo. The format includes true and false, multiple choice, fill in the blank, and scenario questions. The Fireground Size-Up Study Guideincludes 10-15 questions per chapter as well as a 100-question final examination.


Key Features and Benefits


  • Tests the readers comprehension of the companion textbook, Fireground Size-Up 
  • Helps students prepare for promotional exams 
  • Can be used for professional development


Table of Contents


  • The Fifteen Points of Size-Up 
  • Private Dwellings 
  • Multiple Dwellings 
  • Taxpayers/Strip Malls and Stores 
  • Garden Apartments and Townhouses 
  • Row Frames and Brownstones 
  • Churches 
  • Factories, Lofts, and Warehouses
  • High-Rise 
  • Vacant Buildings 
  • Final Exam Questions


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    • 124 pages
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    Michael A. Terpak and Paul T. Dansbach

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