MAY 27-30, 2020
Charlotte Convention Center



FRIC Vendor / Exhibitor Payment Policy and Terms & Conditions

Please note that all vendors / exhibitors are subject to these terms & conditions.  Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact FRIC Coordinator Ken Hogue at or by phone at (704) 634-9935.


When registering for FRIC, payment is due by May 27, 2020 or upon conference arrival.  You can pay online or onsite at the registration desk. All payments must be received by the date of the conference in order to exhibit.


For cancellation requests received in writing by the NCSFRI, refunds shall be made to Vendors / Exhibitors subject to the following terms:

1)    Received prior to March 26, 2020, 75% of registration fees are eligible for refunding.
2)    Received between March 27, 2020 and April 26, 2020, 50% of registration fees are eligible for refunding.
3)    Received between April 27, 2020 and May 27, 2020, no refund is available.


1)    Vendors / Exhibitors must be officially registered for FRIC and provide products & services specific to the Fire & Rescue Service to exhibit and/or participate in the expo.

2)    All exhibitor booth assignments must be finalized and approved by NCSFRI, and any assignments may be changed without notice as required. The NCSFRI reserves the right to refuse or prohibit any Vendor / Exhibitor, regarding participation or affiliation with the Mid-Atlantic Fire Rescue Instructors Conference (FRIC).

3)    All Vendors / Exhibitors must be set up by 4:00 PM on Wednesday, May 27, 2020. If a Vendor / Exhibitor is not set up by this designated time, NCSFRI will deem their registration & participation to be cancelled and their booth forfeited for reassignment to any vendors available on the FRIC waiting list and no refund will be available.

4)    All Vendor / Exhibitor Representatives must be officially registered for FRIC and wear their FRIC badge credentials at all times. Transfer or shared used of badge credentials is strictly prohibited.

5)    Vendors / Exhibitors are personally responsible and liable for the protection and safety of all attendees visiting their exhibit space.  This includes, but is not limited to, children or adults climbing on apparatus, falls from apparatus and / or injuries from displayed equipment.

6)    Vendors / Exhibitors must avoid using any materials and / or media that may be potentially offensive to others. In the event of such activity, as deemed by NCSFRI, the Vendor / Exhibitor will be requested to remove or cease such activity, up to and possibly being removed from the Expo floor.  NCSFRI also reserves the right to prohibit any vendor from participation in future events or shows. 

7)    All exhibits must remain open and active to serving FRIC attendees until the close of the expo at 12 Noon on Saturday, May 30th.  Any Vendors / Exhibitors that begin breakdown of their exhibit prior to 12 Noon will jeopardize and potentially forfeit their opportunity to participate in future NCSFRI Events.



1)    Vehicles and equipment may not be fueled or have fuel removed from the vehicle or equipment while onsite.

2)    All apparatus and equipment should be clean and show-ready upon your arrival at the staging area and expo floor check-in.

3)    On the expo floor, vehicle batteries must be disconnected or exhibited with use of a battery disconnect switch.

4)    While on the Expo floor, vehicle fuel tanks cannot exceed 1/4 full, 4 gallons or 19 liters, whichever is less.

5)    All fire apparatus must be emptied of water prior to entering the exhibit hall.

6)    While on the Expo floor, all vehicle tank and fill openings must be sealed to prevent tampering.

7)    All Apparatus & Equipment Vendors / Exhibitors must maintain a minimum three-foot clear easement within their booth in areas adjoining another Vendor / Exhibitor's booth. This will allow for safe movement of attendee traffic and clear distinction of assigned booth spaces. 

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