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Every new print copy includes Navigate Advantage Access which unlocks an eBook, Lab Manual, Flashcards, and additional learning resources.


Fit to Be Well, Sixth Edition takes a behavior-change approach to communicating healthy diet and exercise habits while deploying both a workbook and pedagogical features that teach students how to become smart consumers of health news.


It provides students with the tools they need to reach the goal of good health and fitness—regardless of their age or physical condition—by delving into exercise, proper nutrition, and stress management.


The content in Fit to Be Well is organized in a succinct, easy-to-navigate manner that allows students to become more aware of each aspect of a physically fit lifestyle.  Using a wealth of special features and online learning tools, the text encourages students to improve their eating habits by incorporating healthier foods into their diet, increasing their level of physical activity, keeping their body composition and weight at a healthy level, increasing their self-esteem, and reducing stress.


An integrated lab manual, found at the end of the text, helps students build and implement a fitness program that will work with their individual needs and schedules

Fit to Be Well, Sixth Edition

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